Nettle-3.2 plans

Niels Möller nisse at
Sat Jan 23 21:19:38 CET 2016

Now I think the documentation of the new RSA tr functions is in
reasonable shape, and I'd like to get a release out real soon now.

I've put a release candidate at, and I've
updated the release planning at

I've spent the day doing tests on various emulated systems. The ARM and
PPC emulators have completed the tests with no issues, MIPS and M68K
emulators still working hard. Currently, I'm doing tests on gnu/linux
and freebsd (the sparc solaris systems I used to do some testing on have
been powered down).

If no last minute problems are discovered, I plan to make the release
earliest on Wednesday evening (January 27). 

All testing is highly appreciated. In particular, if Mac, Windows, or
some more obscure systems are important to you, now is the time to test.
As a reminder, non-GNU make programs are not really supported.

Review of the NEWS file and the new RSA material in the
manual would also be very nice.


Niels Möller. PGP-encrypted email is preferred. Keyid C0B98E26.
Internet email is subject to wholesale government surveillance.

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