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Dear Sir/Ms,
Wish my email always bring good luck and trust our company will provide cost saving PCB solutions to you.
Suntech is ISO9001 certified, UL and ROSH approved company. 

We specialize in multilayer PCB (2-30layers) from prototype to mass production, including Aluminum PCB, blind/buried via and HDI and heavy copper PCB.
We have advanced high speed SMT machine, multifunctional SMT machine, 12 wet HAL lead free hot air reflow machine, ICT testing machine etc facilities, we ensure our customers high quality, speedy SMT sample, prototype and medium batch quantity services.
Following is our mass production price of bare PCB your reference:
Standard FR4, 1.6mm thickness, 1/1 oz finished copper, HAL
Size: 100 x 100mm
For 2L PCB(mass prodution) Unit price: 0.75 USD per pcs 

For 4L PCB(mass prodution) Unit price: 1.2 USD per pcs

For 6L PCB (mass prodution) Unit price: 1.8 USD per pcs
And especially,we support high-mix multilayer PCB to reduce your cost. For normal technics, two or three designs in one panel without extra cost.
Please do not hesitate to send us inquiry for your PCB needs, we always support you with cost-saving solutions.
Look forward to your valuable comments shortly.
Kind Regards
Genry Lee
Suntech Electronics Technology Ltd
A813, Famous Industrial Products Procurement Center, Baoyuan Rd.,
Xixiang St., Bao'an District, Shenzhen,
Guangdong, China
Tel: 86-755 21637126
Fax: 86-755 21637136
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