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Pls see follow our LED MCOB (Multi-Cups/Chips On board) Design technical compare with SMD led technical . Such as led tube, we do not use back Aluminum heat sink, it will more light , for flux, we can give you more than 85lm/w for warm color temp,and more than 100lm/w for cool color temp. in the same time, our led luminous decay 3000hours no more than 4%, 10000 hours no more than 8%. and we can give you more than 50000hours warranty time. compare with other general smd3528,smd5050........ led chip. we have so many advantages.


With led bulb, our newest shape use spinning mould technical produce,we can easy according customer demand, Design all kinds of shape for customer with lowest mold fee(no more than 1000usd),with short develop time.


we have Full range product line ,OEM, ODM service .


Choose our led product, Choose a good future.


Pls reply to get our price lists and product details. Thank you!


If you need any technical support in product choice, I"m ready to serve you.


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