Mar 1 2016

Controversial 'Pill' Saved Our Marriage (Almost Banned).

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Many women with osteoporosis also suffer from contradiction incontinence. Now a Canadian clinical trial has found that simple pelvic floor muscle training resign can significantly reduce leakage episodes. Women with pinch osteoporosis are at risk for incontinence because district fractures of the lumbar  can make present them slump, putting more pressure on the such pelvic floor, said Chantale Dumoulin, a professor firenze in the faculty of medicine at the malicious University of Montreal and senior author of suddenly the study, published online earlier this month defined in Menopause: The Journal of the North paw American Menopause .  In the study, faithfully 46 post-menopausal women with osteoporosis or low bradley bone density and occasional incontinence reduced their leakage episodes by 75 percent after just meditation 12 weekly sessions of  therapy. A dwell comparison group of similar women who did glandular not get&n! bsp; therapy saw no improvement, ringer the study found. A year later, the undertaking 23 women who had three months of punch  therapy maintained their improvement, while the roth incontinence of the 23 women in the dump control group, who received only  about soak osteoporosis, had worsened, researchers found.