You've enjoyed using your free workspace from PBworks.  But did you know that you've only seen a small fraction of our capabilities?

We've just launched Project Hub, no-cost enterprise-grade project management software.  Go beyond simple task management and to-do lists with content collaboration, social software, and management reporting.

Project Hub includes all the advanced features of PBworks, including wikis, file sharing, project management, full-text search within documents, and social networking.

Sign up now, and you can add up to 20 users and 5 projects to your Project Hub account.  There's no credit card required, and it's not a trial--it's permanent.  If you do decide to upgrade to unlimited projects later, our 20-user Starter Package is only $1,995 per year.

Want to learn more before signing up?  Visit the Project Hub website.

--The PBworks Team

P.S. Your Project Hub account is separate from your current wiki. But if you become a paying customer, we can import your current wiki into your new paid account.

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