Monster Movie is an amazing band. I have all their records (on CD) but now I am trying to have them (specially "Last night something happened") on vinyl, but it's very expensive and hard to find.

I saw the interviews on YouTube, they're great!


2014-02-06 Jon Whitney <>:

I had completely forgotten I was on this list!

Great to see the list is still alive and it's great to have Slowdive back!

I don't know if anyone remembers the video interviews I published on brainwashed about 10 years ago with Mojave 3 and Rachel Goswell but last year I went back to the archives and recoded them in higher quality and uploaded them to YouTube:

It has also been a pleasure to have Monster Movie do a recording for a release on my label too. It's criminal how few people that seem to be excited about Slowdive have even heard Monster Movie...  And Simon Scott has now established himself as a well regarded sound artist with a handful of fantastic releases.

Nice to be back.



On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 5:21 PM, Erik Söderström <> wrote:
I know! It's insane, I never thought it would happen, but 20 years later, and the best before date of this mailing list just got pushed into the future ;) I've kept it running just in case, which perhaps is just as insane he he.

I haven't checked how many are still subscribed, but the list does get it's fare share of spam every day (which is automatically trashed thankfully - previously I had to do that manually, the downside though is that I haven't checked the subscriber list which is handled in the same manual interface). I'll take a look, but if you're still on this list, honk so we know you're out there! :)

Anyone planning to go to any of the announced shows/festivals? I'm hoping they'll swing by Sweden, but if not I'll most likely head to the Oya festival in Oslo, Norway to see them there.

Can't wait to hear then again, and a new album is almost too good to be true. I guess we won't see it until autumn/winter at the earliest, but hell we've been waiting 20 years already!

 // Erik

David Sánchez skrev 2014-02-06 22:02:
Slowdive are back! :)

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avalyn mailing list

avalyn mailing list

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