[Wotsap-announce] Announce: Wotsap 0.6 and Leaf of Trust analysis

Jorgen Cederlof jc at lysator.liu.se
Sun Dec 12 16:06:42 CET 2004


Version 0.6 of Web of trust statistics and pathfinder, Wotsap, is now
running on and available from http://www.lysator.liu.se/~jc/wotsap/.

In the development process I found some pretty image representations
of the Web of Trust that might interest many readers of this mail. 
Take a look at http://www.lysator.liu.se/~jc/wotsap/leafoftrust.html
for images and analysis.

Some of the changes since last version:

- The web pages have been given a well-needed face lift.
- Much more documentation
- Stabler and better search URLs.
- News in HTML, Atom and RSS formats.
- Mailing lists

- All keys and signatures are now verified with GnuPG.
- The primary user ID is now always used.
- Indication of signature cert check level and whether the primary
  user ID was signed.
- New .wot file format including signature types.

- Key statistics can show the signatures that would lower MSD most
    (by Marco Bodrato)
- Group matrices - show all signatures within a group of keys.
- Option to dynamically add signatures, exclude signatures, signature
  types, non-cross-signatures and keys for the duration of a query.

Stand-alone program only:
- Better command line handling.
- Show a whole .wot file in human-readable format.
- Show all differences between two .wot files.
- Everything now works without warnings in Python 2.3, should work
  fine in Python 2.4 and has compatibility for Python 2.2.

Thanks for all the encouragement and ideas I received from lots of
people during this development cycle.
           Jörgen Cederlöf
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