trying to get Dane-Elec Zmate CF to work

Herald van der Breggen herald at
Fri May 31 16:34:20 CEST 2002

On Fri, 2002-05-31 at 16:22, Darin W. Smith wrote:
    Actually, it was the usbat-02 version that I tried.  I haven't tried the 
    one under usb-storage.
Yes, I could have seen that, but I did not notice the line wrap in de
kernel messages

    It looks as if the devfs subsystem in the kernel isn't getting all the 
    info it needs to create the correct device node in the /dev/scsi 
    filesystem, so it goes with the default case, which (I believe) is to 
    assume it must be a "scsi generic" device such as a scanner or such. 

I guess so... I hope someone can tell us what information is missing in

     Interestingly, cdrecord sees it as a removable drive.  I'm not sure 
    what it does when it scans the scsi busses, but it must do some polling 
    of the scsi layer.

Nice ;-)


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