beta-tester for zio-cf reader wanted !

Hans Persson unicorn at
Wed May 22 15:15:55 CEST 2002

Thomas <usbdev at>(by way of Thomas <usbdev at>) writes:

> I'm very busy at the time, but i've rewritten the driver for the
> zio-cf reader last weekend and now still searching for beta-tester
> (other platforms like sparc / alpha very welcomed).  The source is
> still in beta state, installation instructions are at a very basic
> state.  Anyway ... if you are able to configure and compile a Linux
> kernel, you are welcomed to beta-test the zio-cf driver.  I planned
> to release a public beta in June, pre-testing welcomed - maybe we
> should add the new driver to sourceforge.

I'll happily try the new driver. Is it checked into the CVS archive?


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