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Herald van der Breggen herald at
Sat Apr 20 08:32:12 CEST 2002

Hi Imran,

Nice to hear that would like to work on this!

There is a working version (read only) in CVS, but should be completed
and polished up (we had discussions about how much is should be
integrated in the older shuttle_usbat.c). Just go ahead and do what you
think you should do.

To get the specs, the procedure is to contact Mike Gibson
(gibson<AT> and tell him you won't publish the specs. You're
word is enough. You will get a pdf-document with the specs after that. 

In the mean time you probably learn a lot from the sniffed data while
using a perl script (called in directory sniff/tools) to
see what happens. You can check out the sniff-directory for that. (See
also and check out module
"usb-storage" and module "sniff").

On (probably you have
seen it already) you can find useful information.

If you have made a sourceforge account for yourself, we can give you
rights to update the CVS. Chris Niekel (chris<AT> has done
that so far, so maybe you can contact him about that...

Nice to have you on board.


On za, 2002-04-20 at 08:00, Imran S. Patel wrote:
    hi folks,
    I have a microtek zio compactflash reader and came across the project
    website in the search of a driver. It looks as if the driver is pretty
    much in development. I did like to have a driver asap. I have some spare
    time and I might be able to contribute. I came to know about the spec
    being available under an NDA. Can I have access to it? 
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