sources of mass storage drivers

Herald van der Breggen herald at
Wed Nov 7 13:46:12 CET 2001

I guess all of you know the stuff below, but I am not shure.

The most recent usb mass storage drivers are available via CVS:

Do once:

-d:pserver:anonymous at login

(with empty password, after that a .cvspass-file is created in the 
current working directory)


-d:pserver:anonymous at 
checkout storage

All the files will be checked out in th eworking directory.

Some words of Matthew Dharm:

Take a look at the ISD-200 code -- it does something very similar.

Part of the "bigness" here is isolating a generic or semi-generic
translation layer -- something that can take SCSI commands in one end, and
translate them to IDE/ATA register accesses suitable for passing on to a
lower-level driver.  Some of this can probably be stolen/borrowed from the
ISD-200 driver.  Much will need to be hand-crafted from scratch.


Look at other usb-storage sections to get a good idea of
how this works.  Try starting with transport.c, specifically
Bulk_transport() to see if that will give you some insight.

Another good source for information is the usb mass storage mailinglist. 
Send a mail to

usb-storage-request at

with "subscribe" in the body.

It's up to Hans whether he wants to add info to the web page ;-)
Anyway it is archived now and available for all of us and for new 


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