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Mark pooh-m-o-t-n at marine.odn.ne.jp
Tue Oct 29 12:33:39 CET 2019

Hi friend,
This is Mike from Sports products Factory, my products as follows:
1) carbon pole product :
a) arrow,
b) ski pole,
c) trekking pole, tent & tent pole, outdoor foldable chair & table,
d) badminton / squash / tennis racket,
e) golf item,
f) ice hockey stick,
g) beach racket,
h) all custom design we can develope for you - for any pole shape for carbon.
2) Stand up paddle board, carbon paddle, and accessories
3) Skateboard, longboard, and all high end accessories (e.g, deck, truck, wheels, bearings, etc.)
4) Backpack (all different kind of outdoor backpack), hand bag
5) All different types of Shoe
a) Athletic Shoe
b) Athleisure Shoe
c) Ballerina Shoe
d) Casual Shoe
e) Dress Shoe
f) Indoor Slipper
g) Moccasin Shoe
h) Sandal
i) Sneaker
j) Sport Shoe
k) Thong Sandal
l) Walking Shoe
m) Tennis Shoe
n) Ski Boot
o) Winter Boot / Snow Boot 
p) Rain Boot
q) Flip Flop
r) Cemented Shoe
s) Fashion Shoe
6) Accessories
a) Cap / Hat
b) Gloves
c) Scarf
7) Sundries (e.g. Headdress)
8) Car view camera (full view / front and rear), Car recorder and all car accessories
9) teeth whitening tool 
We, Great Sea International (H.K.) Co., Ltd. will support you to grow together throughout stable quality, right time delivery, and reasonable price.

I wonder if you interest?
Mike Leung
Great Sea International (H.K.) Co. Ltd.
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