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Thu Aug 20 22:14:43 CEST 2015

> Hmm.. I think that way how it's done right now it's the worst possible.
> Maybe simple popup list with favourite leagues and a button to
> Add/Remove them from that list? I don't think that someone would be
> changing prefered list of leagues to often, so the better way would be
> to simplify choosing leagues from previously selected, and other
> "harder" way to modify this list.

Someone had a table for choosing "IIj, Sweden" and then convert it to a
league id. That is not rather convenient though since the file was 6MB. It
really would be good to have a better way to do this.

> BTW when do you intend to release new version?
> And don't tell me standard answer: when it's ready ;)

When it is ready. :) We have so far been able to have a release schedule
of about 1 - 2 months. Hopefully this holds this time too. The 0.5 will
probably be a "in-between" version with both the old hrf stuff and the new
xml stuff. The hrf stuff will go eventually (I plan to use a script to
convert hrf:s into xml:s, at least I think so now :)).

> And I prefer to submit feedback because there are always chances that
> new version will be more similar to what I've imagine ;)
> And that's the power of OpenSource software!

Indeed. As long as it doesn't lead to flamewars, project splits
etc. (galeon/epiphany anyone?).


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