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Tue Nov 8 10:36:10 CET 2011

Resume distribution is an effective way to find a job.

Put your resume in the hands of thousands of targeted recruiters and hiring 
companies that have current job openings. 
Sending your resume to recruiters and other hiring authorities via email is 
often the fastest, most cost-effective way to really jumpstart a job search. 
To provide you with this service, we subscribe to several databases which 
are continuously updated throughout the year.

In short, when you hire us for this service, we will convert your resume 
and cover letter into the proper file formats, mine our databases for an 
appropriate contact lists, perform a mail-merge to email (so that each 
outgoing letter is addressed to the top contact at the firm), and then send 
it out. We ensure that your resume goes out in the proper and preferred format.

Not only do we include them as text in the body of an email, we also attach 
your resume as a Microsoft Word document to each outgoing message. 
Additionally, we create a unique email address for you on our server so that 
the messages appear to be coming directly from you while also allowing us to 
monitor the distribution and handle things like bounces and verification 
requests. Valid responses that come by email will be forwarded to you daily.

They are waiting for your resume now.

    * Free resume distribution, only at ResumeDeliver.
    * It's simple and easy. Even if you don't have a current resume, create 
    one with our Resume Builder.
    * ResumeDeliver is 100% free for hiring companies and recruiters.
    * Resume distribution proactively gets your resume in front of recruiters 
    and direct hiring companies ... fast
    * We have been helping candidates find jobs since 2002

Joining the ResumeDeliver Recruiter Network allows you to receive targeted 
resumes sent directly to your e-mail address based on what your needs are 
today? All we require is that you fill out the form and the exact candidates 
you are looking for will be delivered to you on an ongoing basis.

We provide this service for FREE? Yes, that's right, you pay nothing for this 
amazing service!? There are no hidden fees waiting for you. 
Our service is 100% FREE for recruiters!

Put your e-resume in the hands of thousands of targeted recruiters and hiring 
companies that have current job openings -
send e-CV/e-Resume via e-mail: plaut4456brigid666 at hotmail.com

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