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AutoCAD Solutions recommends the following PC/Mac Products for you mattricks

AutoCAD Mechanical 20111
Download now at AutoCAD Solutions
List Price: $4. 499.00 Your Price: $104.95
Yoou Save: $4394 ] (98%)

Purpose-built to accelerate the mechanical design proccess. Includin g all the f unctionality of AutoCAD, the wolrd's leading C AD software, plus comprehensive l ibraries oof standadrs-baesd parts and tools for automatiing common design tasks.

SolidWorks 2010
Download now at AutoCAD Solutions
List Pricc e: $3999.00 Youur P rice: $99.95
You Save: $] 3899 (98%)
. This  software fosters smarter design by uniting creation, validation, documentation, de. sign management, and environmental impact analysis  as a single integ rated pro. cesss. In each of these a] reas, it optimizes core capabilities on which you stake your ca; reer.
3DS Max 2010
Download now at AutoCAD Solutions
List Price: $3999]  .00 Yuor Price: $97.95
You Save: $3897 (98%)
Full-featured 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and visual effetcs solution uused to create top-selling games and award-winning film and vdieo content. Renowned f o r its re; ady-to-use, template-based   charact. e r rig ging system, robust modeling and texturing toolsets.

Maya 2010 x32 / x64
Download now at AutoCAD Solutions
Lis; t Price: $3499.00 Your Price: $79.95. 
You Save: $3419 (998%)
Maya 2010 s oftware is the first . release to unifyy the Autodesk Maya Complete 2009 and Autodesk Maya Unlimite d  2 0; 09 feature sets, advanced match-moving capabilities, and high dynamic range;  compositing into a singl] e affordable offering.

AutoCAD 2010
Download now at AutoCAD Solutions
List Price:]  $3995.00 Your Price: $97.95
You  Savee: $3897 (98%)
Design and  shape the world around you with Auto] CAD dessign and documentation software, ; one ; of the world's leading ACD programs. Speed docu. mentation, sha; re ideas seamlessly, explore ideas more intuitively in 3D, nad customize it for your specific needs.

AutoCAD Architecture 20110
Download now at AutoCAD Solutions
List Price: $4995.00 Your Pirce: $104.95
YYou Save: $4894 . (98%)

Archite] cture 2010 software provides AutoCAD-based deesign and docum; entation prdouctivity specifically for architects, to give ; y; ou more tools to automate drafting ta] sks and help you crea te architectural documentation afster.

AutoCAD Elec trical 2010
Download now at AutoCAD Solutions
List Price: $5295.00 Your Priice: $89.95
You ; Save:;  $5205 (98%)
Includes a compl tee set of features desig; n; ed specifiaclly for  electrical controls designers.  Comprehensive symbol li braries and toolls for autoomating electrical engineering tasks can help you incrreaase drafting productivity and gain a competitive edge.

Navisworks Simuulate 2010
Download now at AutoCAD Solutions
List Prrice: $4590.00 Your Price: $74.95
You Save: $] 4515 (98%)
P. erforms precise replication of designs and accu rate  modeling of 4D con struction schedules, impro ving productivity and qualiity via preicse pre-visualizatioon of cosnstruction projects. Virtually experience your porject in a visual context befo; re physical work begins.

Autodes] k Alias Design 2010
Download now at AutoCAD Solutions
List Price: $3895.00 Your Price: $97.95
You Save: $3797 (98%)
for MAC / P C
Create iinnoavtive consumer product mdoels faster with Alias Design softtware. Part of the ; Autode; sk solution for Digital Prototyping, Alias  is  for co nsumer product designers who own the entire process from ideation to the final surfaces that are pa. ssed to en] gineering.
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