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 well infer that what we term the "useful" education and the education that is now offered by the average school are as far apart as the two poles. We are all familiar with the statement that the elementary curriculum
is eminently adapted to produce clerks and accountants, but very poorly
adapted to furnish recruits for any other department of life. The high school is criticized on the ground that it prepares for college and consequently
for the professions, but that it is totally inadequate to the needs of the average citizen. Now it would be futile to deny that there is some

in both these assertions, but I do not hesitate to affirm that both are grossly exaggerated, and that the curriculum
of to-day, with all its imperfections, does not justify so sweeping a denunciation. I wish

to point out some of the respects in which these charges are fallacious, and, in so doing, perhaps, to suggest some possible remedies for the defects that every one will acknowledge. II In the first
place, let me make myself perfectly clear upon what I mean by the word "useful."
What, after all, is the "useful" study in our schools? What do men find to be the useful thing in their lives? The most natural answer to this question is that the
useful things are those that enable us to meet effectively the conditions of life,--or, to use a phrase that is perfectly clear to us all,
the things that help us in getting a living. The vast majority of men and women in this world measure all values by this standard,
for most of us are, to use the expressive slang of the day, "up against" this problem, and "up against" it so hard and so constantly that we interpret everything in the greatly foreshortened

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