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Ch. 108.50 Otis. Rev. S.W. Powell 5.00 Otis. Sab. Sch. Cong. Ch, _for
Sabbath School Work, Beach Inst, Savannah, Ga._ 3.47 Oxford. Sab. Sen.
of First Cong. Ch. 23.33 Peabody. "Friend," _for Marion, Ala._ 5.00
Peabody. Sab. Sch. First Cong. Ch. 3 Boxes of C., etc. _for Sherwood,
Tenn._ Pittsfield. James H. Dunham 50.00 Pittsfield. "Friends," Bbl. and
Box of C., _for Marion, Ala._ Pittsfield. Mrs. H.M. Hurd, Bbl. C., etc.,
_for Sherwood, Tenn._ Princeton. Cong. Ch., Box of C., _for Wilmington,
N.C._ Quincy. Rev. E. Norton, _for tuition of a little boy, Gregory
Inst., Wilmington, N.C._ 8.00 Reading. Cong. Ch. 18.00 Rehoboth. Cong.
Ch. 4.50 Rockland. Cong. Ch. 30.00 Rockland. Miss C. Chase, _for freight
to Nashville, Tenn._ 1.35 Salem. South Cong. Ch., 67.41; Crombie St. Ch.
and Soc, 62.19 129.60 Somerville. E. Stone,_for Student Aid, Fisk U._
50.00 Somerville. Day St. Cong. Ch., 16.13; W.E. Valentine of Day St.
Ch., 1.15 17.28 Southbridge. Cong. Ch. and Soc. 77.07 Southbridge. Miss
N. Vinton, _for Freight to Wilmington, N.C._ 1.00 South Weymouth. Ladies
of Second Cong. Ch., Bbl. and Box of C., _for Wilmington, N.C._ Spencer.
First Cong. Ch. and Soc. 149.39 Spencer. W.H.M.S., _for Oahe Ind'l Sch._
10.00 Wakefield. Cong. Ch. and Soc. in part 55.63 Waltham. Trin. Cong.
Ch. 29.03 Waltham. "Friend," _for Marion, Ala._ 5.00 Ware. Mrs. Wm. Hyde
and Miss S.R. Sage, _for Native Indian Missionary_ 225.00 Ware. Sab.
Sch. Cong. Ch., H.B. Anderson's Class, 85; East Cong. Sab. Sch., 25,
_for Indian M._ 60.00 Ware. Ladies' Benev. Soc. of First Cong. Ch., 15;
Wm. L. Brakenridge, 5 20.00 Warren. L.H.M.S. of Cong. Ch., _for
Tillotson C. and N. Inst._ 70.00 Warren. Cong. Ch. 30.00 Webster. First
Cong. Ch. and Soc. 17.00 Wellesley. Cong. Ch. and Soc., 170.34; Miss
Mary A. Stevens, 10 180.34 West Attleboro. First Cong. Ch. 7.87
Westboro. Evan. Cong. Ch. 108.09 Westboro. Young Ladies' Benev. Soc., by
Miss E.L. Howard, _for Mountain Work_ 20.00 West Brookfield. Cong. Ch.
47.00 West Newbury. J.C. Carr 4.00 Whitinsville. Sab. Sch. of Cong. Ch.,
_for School Work, Meridian, Miss._ 75.00 Williamsburg. Cong. Ch. and
Soc., to const. REV. HENRY SPEKE SNYDER L.M. 50.70 Wilmington. Sab. Sch.
of Cong. Ch., _for Student Aid, Straight U._ 13.00 Winchester. First
Cong. C
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