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The XPRESS Targeted Resume Distribution System helps job seekers from the entire world publish and send their resumes via email to the broadest network of recruiters, employers and job boards on the International Web Job database (Ireland, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Canada, USA, and Australia).

Your CV under Resume+ will be made available to top placement agencies in a format which makes it easy for them to target/reach you. You stand out of the daily clutter.

You also get to know how many recruiters have viewed your resume.

More and more placement agencies are enrolling in XpressResume bank since the resume received through this program is perceived to be of immense value.

XpressResume+ will make your CV accessible to non paid recruiter base of international job portal XpressResume bank for 90 days.

XpressResume+ will also make your CV accessible, exclusively (via a dedicated link to the XpressResume bank) to entire paid recruiter base for 90 days without any additional charge. Beyond 90 days your CV will remain part of the regular database as usual.

How XpressResume works?

1. You subscribe to Resume and send your resume to email below or Fax!
2. You must submit an on-line application or registration available via the site!

Your resume is kept for 90 days in a unique online 'Resume Bank' for entire XpressResume recruiter base to view. The placement agencies get in touch with you directly if they find a require ment that fits your profile.

For Assistance:

Toll Free: 1-888 671-1300
Email: cv at xpress-cvmail.com
Fax:  1-804 482-2594

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