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Ent no uniform narrative, but only a mass of strange and incongruous
occurrences, without object or connexion, may form some notion of the
state of restless excitement my brain suffered from, as the many and
conflicting ideas my late adventures suggested, presented themselves
to my mind in rapid succession. The glare, the noise, and the

clatter of a French cafe are certainly not the agents most in request
for restoring a man
to the enjoyment of his erring faculties; and, if
I felt addled and confused before, I had scarcely passed the threshold
of Verey's when I became absolutely
like one in a trance. The large salon was more than usually crowded,
and it was with difficulty that we obtained a
place at a table where some other English were seated, among whom I
recognised by lately made acquaintance, Mr. Edward Bingham. Excepting
a cup of coffee I had taken nothing the entire day,

and so completely
did my anxieties of different kinds subdue all appetite, that the most
recherche viands of this well-known restaurant did not in the least
tempt me. The champagne alone had any attraction for

me; and, seduced
by the icy coldness of the wine, I drank copiously. This was all
that was wanting to complete the maddening confusion of my brain, and

the effect was instantaneous; the lights danced before my eyes; the
lustres whirled round; and, as the
scattered fragments of conversations, on either side met my ear, I was
able to form
some not very inaccurate conception of what insanity

may be. Politics and literature
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