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Tofiki Mohammad mohammadtofiki at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 19 09:56:09 CEST 2009

我有新的電郵地址!你現可電郵給我:mohammadtofiki at yahoo.com


- Dear Sir,we are local miners acting with full corporate and with full legal responsibility do hereby irrevocably confirm and commit subject to the law of perjury that we are ready, willing and able to sell Raw Alluvial Gold Dust:  Commodity - Gold Dust,Quantity-215kg, Quality-22Carats,Purity--97%+,Price ---$18,500USD,DIAMOND,Since this is a first time business we only need to start with 50- or highest 60,PROCEDURES:1. Buyer submits signed Letter of Intent (LOI).2.Seller signs and returns LOI to Buyer with an invoice specifying all initial costs, included,(and notations of which costs are to be deducted from the final price).3.Buyer arranges and pays for 20% of the 50kg, one round-trip ticket, ground transportation, and a hotel room for Seller’s representative.4.Seller hand carries 50kg of gold as specified above to Buyer’s refinery.5.After refinery assays report / Buyer pays Seller within 72 hours via bank wire transfer price agreed to above minus initial costs as specified.After successful completion of all steps above to the satisfaction of Buyer and Seller, Buyer shall issue a new Letter of Intent for 150kg or 200kg as he can afford, For the same above PROCEDURES.So please Advise as soon as possible.Best Regards,Mr Mohammed Tofiki

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