[Mattricks] Newsletter – March 2009

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Mon Mar 9 14:08:49 CET 2009

 Licensed in the European Union and regulated by the Lotteries and
Gaming Authority - Malta LICENSE # LGA/CL2/314/2006 JULY 2007

 www.Billionairio.com <http://www.billionairio.com/>
 connects over 3 Billion people world-wide and the 2009 Series has
just begun. Check out the Winners Gallery. Better Odds than Lotto - 1
in 1000 to win 1.000 Euro and 1 in 10.000 to win 10.000 Euro. At equal
odds Billionairio pays out more than any lotto. "Why buy your ticket
right now?":

 SPECIAL OFFER <http://www.billionairio.com/>
 - "10 Million Euro Bonus Draw" The first 99,999 Tickets purchased
will automatically be entered for a chance to win a cash-prize draw
of 10 Million Euro (insured through Lloyd's of London). Your odds of
winning are 1 in 10 Million! - 15 times better than winning any lotto
jackpot.- Draw to be held upon successful sale of 99,999 tickets.

 Billionairio's <http://www.billionairio.com/>
 ultimate goal is to award one winner with a Grand Prize of One
Billion Euro. All tickets participate in 5 draws including the Grand
Prize Draw. With the exception of the 10 Million Euro Draw, all
Prizes are prorated, payout depends on the level of player
participation. Subsidiary prizes range from 1000 to 1 Million Euro.
At equal payout amounts Billionairio gives you better odds than

 Visit www.billionairio.com <http://www.billionairio.com/>
 to register and buy your ticket today - remember only the first
99,999 tickets are eligible for Bonus Draw as well as the Grand Prize
draw and the 1200 subsidiary prize draws!

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