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Barrister Martin Geer mgeer at sify.com
Sun Jul 19 16:25:31 CEST 2009

Rikoma Chambers
32 Rikoma Square, London WC1B 5DN
United Kingdom
Tel: Tel:+44704 5760 764


I work with Rikoma Chambers - London in the United Kingdom. I got your
contact through Public Sector Information. There is a possibility
that you may be related to my
late client, a national from your country whom i owe a legal obligation.

If you are not, I may still be able to work out modalities for
transferring his estates still
under my custody and funds still deposited in a financial institution
in your name as beneficiary so all heredity may be in your favor. If
you can stand as beneficiary, I will pronounce you as the legal
beneficiary and process change of ownership status to enable the
funds and estates be transferred to your name; In this case, I will have
to come into a direct arrangement and split the funds when released
to you on a fifty-fifty basis.

The detailed total amount in deposit and estates cannot be stated in
this mail until you will
provide a more direct means of communicating by either fax or phone
so we can be sure to go into
the claims arrangement. I want to insist that I transact with you
directly, so do provide your
number and I shall call you immediately I receive your response and
provide you with the
details. I expect you to indicate your interest in going further.


Barr Martin Geer

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