[Mattricks] go olinne or call yo-ur broke-r

sharontali at minerva.nhc.edu sharontali at minerva.nhc.edu
Tue Jun 17 08:47:54 CEST 2008

Didn't we perdict it?

Corporation:_, Asntrom-Mcirosytesms
Tikc,er otcbb ,: agms
Buy and  hold 1 week
Monday close: 0. 40
Volume: 331,485

In the wa ke o.f recnet news, volu.me is at reocrd  highs.

Mroe e-vents wil,l unofld, clinets are s-e"eing the need for tehse pr
oudcts Agnstrom suhold be -in _your "protfoli_o.

Your pos,ition is still "there, buy it and se"e. priority Tuesday

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