[Mattricks] Here's an edited version of the Whiskey Rebel scenes, with my bits, and Keith's and Bob's, somewhat augmented.

Foster Nik mhonnatt at albeanet.com
Sun Jan 27 14:15:21 CET 2008

Above, Cat Natasha seems to be taking stock of the year's accomplishments.
I have to state that this is just wrong.
We're closed 'cos of the season's first winter storm event, as the television weatherpersons now call them, of the year.
And they are delicate and beautiful, viewed from upwind. Tarasingh wrestles tribesmens Headman, who is unfortunately Killed. Above, visiting cats on the porch of the Historic Cottage - our old buddy Booper on the left, Nutmeg on the right, in the shade under the chair.
Gay took the tune for Let us Take the Road from a march in Handel's opera Rinaldo, which I'm sure was very trying for George Frederick H.
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