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Click on the database called Mailbox Database, and then click on Properties in the Toolbox Actions.
If you find that the additional migration options available in the Quest tools are of no benefit, you may find the native Migration Wizard more than adequate.
So you will have less replication traffic on your WAN links. Restore System State from backup. Previous versions of Exchange came with tools to enable migration from GroupWise.
Integrate the two mail systems. The series will walk any prospective migration consultant through both the theory and practice highlighting specific pointers and tips where we can help, and gotchas that you must watch out for. Log on with your Active Directory Restore Mode Logon Credentials. please TO THE MAJORITY OF YOU OUT THERE I would ask only one thing: please love each other 'full on' each and every single day WE WISH YOU A VERY VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!
He was and continues to be my one and only soul-mate. TrainingWhen working with such a fundamental change in technology, it is critical to train not only your administrators but also your users. Follow the steps above for all your Domain Controllers.
She seems to have allowed herself, albeit unwittingly, to aged almost overnight and never appeared to live the rest of her 'young' days.
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