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News From the Day, Oct 18th

Finance Reports:

Exit To Enter US

Exit Only Inc. E x TO

May brought us the first look at Exit Only's new Vehicle Web-marketing
solution. Websites that market used vehicles are not new to the
internet. The new concept here is allowing its clients to post vehicles
to the database without charge or hidden fees. Now sellers are only
paying for the contact information of actual interested buyers, and at
only $2 per lead.

Points Of Interest:

- Initially marketed in Canada, response from consumers exceeded all
- The marketing teams projected year end numbers were surpassed 4 months
- Exit is now expanding the site to enter the US market.
- Exit has partnering with several high volume web services to provide
fast market exposure.
- Exit is also providing mobile access for sellers. The system will
deliver real-time leads of buyer information directly to their mobile

Duplication of the Canadian results in the much larger US market base
will certainly make this company the next major online player. To read
recent releases and find out more information consult any financial

World Reports:

U.N. questions Syria nuke claims ------ VIENNA, Austria -- The U.N.
nuclear watchdog said Monday it has no information to support a recent
media report that Syria may be building a nuclear reactor, but said it
expects any country that has details to share them with the agency. "We
would obviously investigate any relevant information coming our way,"
said Melissa Fleming, spokeswoman for the Vienna-based International
Atomic Energy Agency, or IAEA. In what appeared to be an indirect rebuke
to the U.S., Fleming said in a statement that the nuclear agency
"expects any country having information about nuclear-related activities
in another country to provide that information to the IAEA." The New
York Times, citing U.S. and foreign officials, reported Sunday that an
Israeli airstrike on Syria last month targeted a partially built nuclear
reactor that was years away from completion.

USA News Updates:

Students Suspended For Playing 'Choking Game'-------- CINCINNATI -- Five
students at Northwest High School have been suspended for playing a
potentially deadly game. School officials declined comment, but it has
been discovered that the students are on a 10-day suspension after one
student choked four others in gym class. .To think that someone would
actually choke your child into unconsciousness during school hours, on
school property (and) supervised by a teacher is absolutely unreal,.
said Amanda Diel, whose daughter was involved in the incident.

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