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Daily News Updates

Finance Reports:

New Fee Structure Generates Huge Response.

Exit Only Inc. EX T0

Exit Only entered the Canadian market in may of this year. The concept
of marketing new and used vehicles through the web is not new. The new
concept here is allowing its clients to post vehicles to the database
without charge or hidden fees. The company charges sellers only for
actual contact info from interested buyers.

Company Bullets:

- Initially marketed in Canada, response from consumers exceeded all
- Exit's goals for the year end were met in September of this year, just
a few months from launch.
- The site has now expanded its scope to include the US market.
- News in the last few weeks has released partnership agreements with
several online vehicle service sites for increased exposure.
- Exit is also providing mobile access for sellers. The system will
deliver real-time leads of buyer information directly to their mobile

The US market literally dwarfs the Canadian vehicle market, making the
potential for this site astronomical. Contact your broker, or review any
market site for further information.

World Reports:

Tribal violence kills 4 in Indonesia ----- - JAKARTA, Indonesia -- Rival
tribes armed with bows and arrows fought close to a U.S.-owned gold mine
in Indonesia's Papua region on Thursday, the latest in a series of
clashes that have killed four people, police and a company officials
said. At least 45 others have been injured in the fighting in the remote
region since Tuesday, local police chief Godhelp Mansnembra told
el-Shinta radio. Media reports initially said eight had been killed. The
fighting broke out in villages bordering a giant gold and copper mine
operated by Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold Mine Inc., Mansnembra and
Freeport spokesman Mindo Pangaribuan said. Pangaribuan said the fighting
was unrelated to the company's operations and production at the mine was
not affected. Mansnembra said mediation efforts had so far failed.

American Updates:

Bush steps up Mideast peace push ---- LONDON - President Bush is sending
his national security adviser to the Middle East next week and Secretary
of State Condoleezza Rice will make a return visit soon afterward to
keep up pressure on Israeli and the Palestinians to start peace
negotiations. National security adviser Stephen Hadley and Rice will
make separate trips to the region to bridge wide gaps between the two
sides on a document outlining how they intend to resume talks that will
be presented at a U.S.-hosted conference this fall, a senior official

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