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tami at southpointefin.com tami at southpointefin.com
Mon Nov 26 00:07:03 CET 2007

World Seeks Energy Solutions, etG u Investors Pile In

The top five reasons to Grab E T gu:

1. The world is seeking shelter from the world energy crisis.
2. Companies everywhere are seeking to find new ways to reduce energy
costs and step out of jeopardy from this economic nightmare. 
3. SensorStat, etGU's energy solution is already saving facilities as
much as 30% on their energy bills.
4. Clarion Hotel in Florida installed the system in June 2006. They are
now boasting it has reduced there bills and paid for itself in just 1
5. Huge media coverage on E TGU next week will draw attention from
investors and brokers alike.

E tG U has been doing heavy trading all week. During the Holiday Market
makers are pushed the price down and grabbed huge blocks of shares in
anticipation of the coming weeks trading. Move fast on Monday and get in
before this continues to rise.

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