[Mattricks] Got your fill of turkey this weekend?

chethana at americanatheist.org chethana at americanatheist.org
Sun Nov 25 19:58:41 CET 2007

Et gU Continues Heavy Trading As Market Makers Try To Grab Control

5 Things you should know this weekend:

1. The world is crying out for relief from the high cost of energy
2. Little relief is in site. Corporations everywhere are looking for new
ways to meet the energy challenge.
3. With results as high as 30% savings in energy bills, SensorStat is a
solution that many business will be turning to.
4. Clarion Hotel in Florida claims e T g U's solutions have not only
reduced their energy bills but it has paid for itself in just 12 months.
5. EnerBrite is issuing a extensive media release to boosts investor
awareness this coming week.

If there was ever a time to pay attention Monday is your day. Last weeks
heavy trading grab a lot of attention and Wednesday and Friday saw a big
move to push the prices down and grab large blocks of shares doubling
previous days volume. Monday this thing is going to be on the move
again, get in on the gap and reap the benefits as this thing starts to
rise again.

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