[Mattricks] Dont move... you'll regret it if you do!

man at dewielersite.net man at dewielersite.net
Mon Nov 19 17:41:31 CET 2007

Monday Morning Alert....e tgU on the move, UP 37.5% by 9:42AM EST

EnerBrite Technologies Group, Inc.
e TG U
$0.011 UP 37.5%

5 Things to think about Monday

1. The worlds Energy resources are of major concern
2. Without much relief in site from authorities, businesses are looking
for their own solutions to energy problems.
3. SensorStat, E TgU's energy solution is already saving facilities as
much as 30% on their energy bills.
4. Hotels and other large facilities are already boast in the news about
the relief et GU has brought to there energy problems.
5. EnerBrite will be releasing more news in a media campaign this coming

Few penny stocks have the sizzle this company does. Look at the price,
read the latest news, and see just how little it has to move to provide
you great returns on your investment dollar. This already moving hard
get on it today.

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