[Mattricks] Gold market provides some needed shelter from a falling dollar.

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Fri Nov 16 07:34:09 CET 2007

Trade Notification
Gold is the grab for concerned investors.

Hemisphere Gold Inc (HPGI)

"The surging oil price is an important factor and investors are using
gold as an inflation hedge," said Mark O'Byrne, director of Gold and
Silver Investments Ltd., in a research note. "But of more importance is
the dollar falling to new all time record lows against the euro and a
basket of currencies.” Amid the current conditions Gold is becoming an
attractive shelter from a stormy market.

Amid this rising gold market exploration for new gold deposits are on
the rise. Hemisphere Gold Inc. has been fronting the market with
continued releases on their gold findings in the new Gold Belt of South

Next week an aggressive marketing campaign is expected to draw attention
to the investment potential provided by HPGI. Those looking for maximum
returns are already moving on it this week as it is expected to climb
hard with next weeks new exposure to investors.

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