[Mattricks] More investors look for ways to shelter from the storm.

son at shawinc.com son at shawinc.com
Fri Nov 16 02:36:03 CET 2007

World Watch Report
Failing integrity in market and US Dollar pushes investors to stability
of Gold!

Hemisphere Gold Inc (HPGI)

Peter Spina, an analyst at GoldSeek stated. "Integrity in our financial
institutions and the U.S. dollar are falling quickly. Restoring
confidence is very difficult to undertake with current circumstances,
and the result is greater interest in real money. Gold's integrity does
not need to be questioned, and that brings a level of confidence the
U.S. dollar simply cannot produce as it loses its global appeal," Gold
markets are continuing to climb as the dollar just cannot provide the
stability investors are looking for.

Up over 120% in the last 30 days, Hemisphere Gold inc. has been making
waves among investors with announcements of finding gold during advanced
exploration in the Suriname Gold Belt.

This not the time to take your time. Hemisphere is launching a full
scale marketing campaign to investors next week concerning the gold
found in Suriname and the potential this company has in offering mining
assets upwards of $800 million. Early investors will get ahead of this
release and maximize their returns.

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