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Thu Nov 15 22:39:57 CET 2007

Global Gold Investors
They are on the move. New Gold results are in and Hemisphere jumps 20%!

Hemisphere Gold (HPGI) $1.20 UP 20%

Market annalists predicted gold to hit as high as $800 within 2 years.
Gold has hit $over 800 an ounce in just one year due to depleted gold
supplies and a falling US Dollar.

New technology has uncovered large deposits in Suriname, a country know
for its gold since the 1700's but has until now not been fully explored.

A Junior Mining and exploration group, Hemisphere Gold, has a 72,000
hectare property that, following advanced exploration, has already shown
rich gold deposits right in the middle of the largest mines in Suriname.

Five Things You Should Know

1. Gold is on a steady rise since January of this year.
2. Global demand for Gold is increasing.
3. Stock has been trading steadily and share prices have increased over
120% due to recent news on gold findings.
4. Over 50 Million ounces of Gold has been extracted from the Guiana
Shield. Hemisphere's property is surrounded by gold producing mines and
advanced stage exploration projects.
5. Gold is traditionally a safe haven investment for investors in times
of trouble.

With all the news on this company and the pending marketing campaign to
increase investors awareness, Hemisphere has the potential to provide
fantastic returns to its early investors. Read the news, review the
website and check out the profiles that were just released on
“Stockguru”. This could be the top investment for the year.

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