[Mattricks] November 13, 2007 Issue 374

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Wed Nov 14 18:31:08 CET 2007

Gold Resource Newsletter
Gold breaks $800 and ounce as American Dollar declines.

Hemisphere Gold (HPGI) $1.00

Gold prices are soaring as investors are seeking safe havens from the
spiraling US Dollar. With gold prices up over $200 to $812/ounce demands
for gold are increasing.

Current market conditions have rapidly increased the search for gold.
Recent findings of large deposits in Suriname have now created a modern
day Gold Rush.

Hemisphere Gold has found gold showing as much as 3.55 ounces/ton on
there property which sits right in the middle of the Gold Belt and the
largest mines in the region.

Important Points To Remember

1. Gold prices continue to climb. Prices have already exceeded analyst's
2. Current global market conditions and demands are primed for a
continued increase in the price of gold.
3. Hemisphere has put together a team of geologists and professionals
that are responsible for some of the largest gold finds in the Guiana
4. Over 50 Million ounces of Gold has been extracted from the Guiana
Shield. Hemisphere's property is surrounded by gold producing mines and
advanced stage exploration projects.
5. Gold has continued to be a strong foundation for financial security

Hemisphere is certainly the next hot stock in the booming gold market.
Media campaigns are set to launch next week and recent news releases are
already forcing share prices up over 120% in just the last few weeks.
This is the time to carefully consider HPGI as your next investment

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