[Mattricks] Economy Alert News Letter. Issue 163

george.d.moss at idl.com.au george.d.moss at idl.com.au
Wed Nov 14 15:23:51 CET 2007

The Golden News
Gold Belt In Suriname Shows Large Deposits in Modern Day Gold Rush!

Hemisphere Gold (HPGI) $1.00

Gold prices are climbing twice as fast as last years predictions. Lack
of exploration in the 90's has caused a depleted gold supply and the US
dollar has pushed investors to a more secure investment.

Cutting edge technology has opened the way for advanced exploration of
new areas. Recent findings of huge deposits in Suriname have created a
literal gold rush.

Hemisphere Gold Inc. has properties sitting right in the middle of
largest mines in what is now known as the Suriname Gold Belt. Advance
stages of exploration have already show rich gold deposits as high as
3.55 ounces/ton.

5 Things You Should Consider

1. Gold is on a Bull Run. We are heading for the kind of numbers we saw
in the 80's.
2. Demand for gold is up on a global scale. India has been increasing
its demand at a rate of 7% a year.
3. Hemisphere's cutting edge technology allows them to maximizing its
ability to find gold deposits while there management skills are keeping
costs under control.
4. Suriname is one of the largest gold rushes in the world right now.
HPGI's claim is in the middle of some of the largest producing mines in
the Suriname Gold Belt.
5. After over 6000 samplings results continue to be very promising. In
the event of a strike, investors who go in early stand to see massive

Gold is certainly becoming the hot investment in such a turbulent
market. HPGI has the potential to provide a safe haven and hefty returns
for early investors. Take the time to read over their website and review
the recent news releases and profiles from “Stockguru”. It may be your
best investment this year.

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