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Gold Resource Newsletter
Suriname In Middle Of Gold Rush As Gold Supplies Are Depleting!

Hemisphere Gold (HPGI) $1.00

Market annalists predicted gold to hit as high as $800 within 2 years.
Gold has hit $over 800 an ounce in just one year due to depleted gold
supplies and a falling US Dollar.

Current market conditions have rapidly increased the search for gold.
Recent findings of large deposits in Suriname have now created a modern
day Gold Rush.

Hemisphere Gold Inc. has properties sitting right in the middle of
largest mines in what is now known as the Suriname Gold Belt. Advance
stages of exploration have already show rich gold deposits as high as
3.55 ounces/ton.

Important Points To Remember

1. Up nearly 33% so far this year, gold is making a powerful Bull Run.
2. Shortage of gold supplies is causing a steady increase in the price
of gold. Recent findings at Hemisphere Gold show huge potential returns
for early investors.
3. Stock has been trading steadily and share prices have increased over
120% due to recent news on gold findings.
4. For investors interested in a Gold Belt Strategy, HPGI is a prime
target as there claim sits right in the middle of several large
producing mines.
5. After over 6000 samplings results continue to be very promising. In
the event of a strike, investors who go in early stand to see massive

Hemisphere is launching a large media campaign next week with the intent
of raising investor awareness of there recent findings in Suriname. This
may be the best time to review the company’s website and check out
profiles on sites like “Stockguru”. Move fast on it this week and get
ahead of next week’s media hit.

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