[Mattricks] Error Report

Brian J. Dyrehauge bjd at bjd.dk
Sat Mar 5 02:20:38 CET 2005

I received this error in Mattricks.

Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "Mattricks\Main.pyc", line 292, in OnFetch
   File "Mattricks\Main.pyc", line 363, in __do_fetch
   File "Mattricks\CommonData.pyc", line 182, in download_common_data
   File "Mattricks\XMLParse.pyc", line 391, in get
   File "Mattricks\Fetch.pyc", line 291, in fetch_xml
   File "Mattricks\XMLParse.pyc", line 293, in parse_xml_string
   File "xml\sax\drivers\drv_pyexpat.pyc", line 71, in parseFile
ExpatError: unclosed token: line 28, column 0

Which OS do I run: Win XP Pro

Version of Mattricks: 0.7_rc3

How did I get this error: I started Mattricks, and pressed the button 
'Download Data' and then keyed in my username and password. That's all. ;)
I then closed the program, reran it, and this time it asked for my username 
and password right away and then it seemed like it downloaded my data.
Then I pressed the buttoin 'Download Data' again, and then it started 
downloading, and when i t came to 'Club data - downloading xml-file', it 
just froze again, with the same error report again.

Yours sincerely
Brian J. Dyrehauge

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