[Mattricks] Re: [superenzima at libero.it: Mattricks: Italian translation and bugs]

Gabriele 'LightKnight' Stilli superenzima at libero.it
Wed Aug 3 21:15:11 CEST 2005

mercoledì 03 agosto 2005, alle 19:33, ragnar at lysator.liu.se scrive:

> Sorry about not answering earlier, but I've been very busy lately and have
> had no time at all for Mattricks development. I hope to be able to come
> back to issues regarding Mattricks at a later stage.

No problem: it's enough for me to know that you read my mail :-)

I'll be glad with everything you, Oscar and whoever else can do :-) Just let
me know when you're going to resume the works again :-)

Many regards,
Gabriele :-)

P.S.: you answered on-list, but my original mail was not sent there, so your
reply seems a little "headless" :P

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