[Mattricks] Please Help me

Matias Guiraldes mkt at mi.cl
Thu Sep 16 12:46:02 CEST 2004

Hi, I just downloaded Mattricks.
And intalled the software needed to it, python, wpython and pyxml
I am in a MAC and i´m running under PAnther
I have no Idea how to run the program.
I´ve tried to open many of the files, including mattricks.py
But I don´t understand what I should really do to run it.
I am sorry but I´m not a programmer (evidently), so I don´t know what 
to do to run the program
Please help me.
If instruction are given, please send them to me as If I was a 5 year 
old kid. In this kind of Stuff I am:).
Thanks for your help and quick answer.

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