[Mattricks] Release: 0.7_rc2 now released.

Peter Peltonen peter.peltonen at iki.fi
Thu Oct 14 01:08:01 CEST 2004

My experiences with RC2 and Fedora Core 2:

Started fine besides the message "Conversion error: invalid literal for 
int():" which still appeared in the console after startup.

"Match list" is now working, great! How should I interpret the ranking 
numbers of teams? What is a good total rating for a team / player, what 
is average and what is bad? Is the rating the evaluation of player's 
game performance in that particular game, or is it his average value as 
a player (how does it compare to the "best position" value in the Player 

I have not found any bugs and I am very pleased with Mattricks, thanks 
for pvoviding it for us!


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