[Mattricks] Release: 0.7_rc1 has now been released.

Oscar Gustafsson oscar at lysator.liu.se
Mon Oct 11 09:21:31 CEST 2004


Thanks for your feedback!

On Sun, 10 Oct 2004, Peter Peltonen wrote:
> With wxpythongtk- and wxGTK-gl-2.4.2-4.1 installed with yum from
I'm not sure if you really need the wxGTK-package. Although I guess it
doesn't hurt.

>      b_terraces = self.n_terraces - self.terraces
> TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for -: 'NoneType' and 'NoneType'
This is a known bug, which is rather annoying. Luckily it usually work the
second start... I've added some new errorchecking to the CVS so I hope it
works better now.

> Player Lists: OK. I think it would be nice idea to use some colors
> somehow to differentiate the attributes -- say show the worst attributes
> in reddish colour and the most good ones in green, or something? It
> would also be nice to know what the "Player evaluation" scores mean?
> And how should I interpret the "Squad statistics"?
Coloring is a problem with the current widget, as it doesn't support
coloring separate items (but one complete row is fine). If it did support
coloring, it would have been used to indicate changes in the last X days
(the code was there for a few hours...).

Player evaluation: The higher score the better player. (See below though)

Squad statistics: Histogram of skills. The number of players with a
certain skill level.

> Comparisons: What should this page do? Lots of checkboxes, but nothing
> happens when I click them? I also get this error in the console:
When you've used it a little longer you can select two dates and receive a
listing of all player attribute changes that have occured.

>    Conversion error: invalid literal for int():
I think this is related to the league table.

> League table: This is empty. Should this show the other teams in my league?
The league XML-s are messed up in HT at the moment. This is the resaon for
the empty table and the conversion error above.

> Arena Sizer: OK, I guess, I really don't understand this view :)
The idea is to give you an easy overview of costs and profits for
different arena sizes. It also helps you to select a proper size (20, 25,
30 x supporters) and section ratios (63, 62.5).

> Lineup Selection: How much should the computer picked team be trusted?
> Can it be made to visualize the formation I am using (say 5-4-1)? Could
> the "Players not to use" box be a bit more bigger?
Not much. For two reasons I guess. First, the player evaluation is not
100% correct. Second, the team is not always well balanced. But you will
get a reasonable formation. Especially when you want to pick a team of
unused players for friendlies.

It will be changed to display the actual formation for the next(?) release.

Is bigger, wider, higher or both? I doubt that we want to change it too
much (because of how the widgets are laid out on the screen), but I guess
it would be possible to fine tune it a bit.

>      (pl, w, d, l, f, a, po, n, tid) = allteams[j]
> IndexError: list index out of range
This is also due to the messed up league tables.

> With wxPythonGTK2-py2.3- from wxpython.org it did not work at
> all:
No, wxPython 2.5.X conversion will be one of the next things on the



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