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Ragnar Ouchterlony ragnar at lysator.liu.se
Wed Nov 17 18:22:10 CET 2004

ons 2004-11-17 klockan 13.14 skrev Janne Johansson:
> Oscar Gustafsson wrote:
> > A new release seems closer and closer...
> Can I ask something (potentially) stupid?

Of course, those are most often the best questions. ;)

> As far as I knew earlier, Python was sort of same as the other 
> P-languages (perl, php, pike and so on) which meant that it would
> handle error conditions better than C for instance, because it would
> be a higher level language. Still, whenever it crashes for me on
> windows, it almost always leaves an app that won't respond and which
> I have to use the OS to kill afterwards.

That is unfortunate. It shouldn't happen ideally.

> Is it something you do in Mattricks (perhaps the wxstuff or something)
> or is it Python that makes it hang so "hard"?

I think it's a combination of Mattricks and wx. Python does have very
good exception handling. Unfortunately, we have a tendency to not use it
to it's full potential.

> Usually most interpreted languages handle errors far better and have the 
> interpreter put up some error dialog and then more or less gracefully 
> exit, but this app (which is one of the few python apps I do use on win) 
> seems to be very hard to exit in a nice way.

That indeed is the intended behaviour. Any suggestions on how to improve
our handling of exceptions are very welcome.

> No offense meant, just curious.
No offense taken.


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