[Mattricks] (no subject)

Janne Johansson jj at it.su.se
Wed Nov 17 13:14:07 CET 2004

Oscar Gustafsson wrote:
> A new release seems closer and closer...

Can I ask something (potentially) stupid?

As far as I knew earlier, Python was sort of same as the other 
P-languages (perl, php, pike and so on) which meant that it would
handle error conditions better than C for instance, because it would
be a higher level language. Still, whenever it crashes for me on
windows, it almost always leaves an app that won't respond and which
I have to use the OS to kill afterwards.

Is it something you do in Mattricks (perhaps the wxstuff or something)
or is it Python that makes it hang so "hard"?

Usually most interpreted languages handle errors far better and have the 
interpreter put up some error dialog and then more or less gracefully 
exit, but this app (which is one of the few python apps I do use on win) 
seems to be very hard to exit in a nice way.

No offense meant, just curious.

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