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rytz rytz at inkforest.dk
Sat Nov 13 09:49:12 CET 2004

hey there .. just wanted to send this bugreport , got it this morning after reinstalling mattricks .. 
keep up the good work .. excellent program 

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "mattricks.py", line 36, in ?
  File "Mattricks\Init.pyc", line 57, in start
  File "Mattricks\Commandline.pyc", line 105, in parse_and_start
  File "Mattricks\Commandline.pyc", line 121, in parse_cmd_gui
  File "Mattricks\Main.pyc", line 439, in main
  File "Mattricks\Main.pyc", line 391, in __init__
  File "wxPython\wx.pyc", line 1957, in __init__
  File "Mattricks\Main.pyc", line 414, in OnInit
  File "Mattricks\Main.pyc", line 265, in AfterInit
  File "Mattricks\Playerlist.pyc", line 441, in AfterInit
  File "Mattricks\Playerlist.pyc", line 336, in UpdateColumns
  File "Mattricks\Playerlist.pyc", line 218, in PopulateList
  File "Mattricks\MatchInfo.pyc", line 342, in __init__
  File "Mattricks\MatchInfo.pyc", line 457, in __extract_data
KeyError: 35238013


michael rytz
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