[Mattricks] Bug and Italian translation

Ragnar Ouchterlony ragnar at lysator.liu.se
Sun May 23 22:13:58 CEST 2004

On Sat, 22 May 2004, Gabriele 'LightKnight' Stilli wrote:

> venerdì 07 maggio 2004, alle 09:31, Oscar Gustafsson scrive:
> Sorry for being so late :P

I am late in answering this as well it seems. :)

> > Strange, was this the first time you ran Mattricks?
> Actually, no. The error didn't show up on first run, only on a successive
> reload. I moved the Choices/ directory away and the problem disappeared. Now
> I can't reproduce it anymore. I'll holler when I hit it again. :-)

Do so.

> Now I have another similar problem:
> when I run Mattricks from afresh and change the hrf catalog directory in the
> preferences, I get this output on successive reloads of the program:
> Traceback (most recent call last):
> And mattricks refuses to start up.
> [...]
> Actually, the problem is that I use Hattrick Organizer to download the .hrf
> files, and seems that from a certain point onward it changed slightly the
> format it saves the data in, and this causes the crash. If it's useful, I
> can provide some of those "treacherous" .hrf,

WE have so far made no attempt at supporting hrf:s not conforming with
HT:s hrf:s. Sorry, but that's the way it is. When we have fully converted
from hrf:s to xml:s, we will provide a hrf to xml convertor and then we
might try to support other hrf:s, but not right now.

> Regarding the translation, it's almost finished, I'm stuck on a few items
> that are a bit tricky to render in Italian.
> Should I use UTF-8 (Unicode) or ISO-8859-15 to translate strings?

ISO-8859-1 or ISO-8859-15 for now, until we use unicode internally, then I
will convert the translations to use UTF-8 too.

> These are some issues I met when translating the .po file:
> * Found these typos while translating:
> 1) #: Mattricks/LeaguePage.py:348
> msgid "Entered legaue id is not valid."
> *** replace "legaue" with "league".


> 2) "  -A         --not-always        Only download a new hrf file if no\n"
> "                                 hrf file exits for the day.\n"
> *** replace "exits" with "exists".


> 3) #: Mattricks/XMLDataInfo.py:820
> msgid "Transder id"
> *** replace "Transder" with "Transfer".


> * In the column editor, the column "Winger" appears twice. Moreover, in

Winger appears twice, because there are two different winger attributes,
one his winger ability, then his assessed winger value. Sorry about this,
but it'll stay this way for now.

> Preferences->PLayer lists, the columns appear with theis original Swedish
> headings; maybe they need a bit of translation too :-)

It's the internal hrf name that is used. Preferences->Player lists shuold
probably go away at some point and only be configurable (and better too)
from the player list page (through edit columns).

> * The "resultat" caption at the bottom of "Game prediction" panel has been
> left untranslatable (and, as a sidenote, I think it should be "result" or
> such).

Correct. Now fixed.

> * Seems that the labels "larger report panel", "equal size" and "larger event
> panel" in Preferences->Game viewer->Size ratios... remain untranslatable,
> even if I translated them in the .po file.

I've made this to work better and should now be translatable.

> * In the "Summary" panel, on the top-right corner, I see a strange word,
> reading "itma", appearing. I guess it should be from "bitmap" and maybe it's
> an error of some sort. Screenshot available on request.

It's from empty bitmaps. I know of this and will fix it sometime. :)

> Two little errors regarding the levels denominations in Terms.py (at least,
> according to the terms list I found on the Hattrick site):
> 1) For the Aggressivity, the "unstable" level is missing (it's the top one);

Are you referring to the levels in Italian or the English here?

> 2) For the Team self confidence, there's a "passable" level that shouldn't
> be there (at least, not in that position in the scale).

There are one extra level in Swedish and this is a fix for that.

> * What is "Acc. profit" in the Economists dialog box?

Accumulated profit, i.e. the sum of all profit.

> * Finally, remember to add Italian ("italiano") in the Preferences->General
> languages menu in the final version :-)

Yes, of course.

> Sorry for asking so many questions all at once, I hope I'll be able to send
> you a decent translation :)
> > > P.S.: the address shown on the help.en.html page of the site is wrong: it's
> > > "mattricks(at)lysator(dot)liu(dot)se", instead of
> > > "mattricks(at)lists(dot)lysator(dot)liu(dot)se" (the "list" is missing) :-)
> > Thanks for notifying us!
> You're welcome, but the mistake remains :)

I will change that real soon now. :)

> Do you have any plans on when releasing 0.6? This way, I can plan my work
> better.
> Thank you,
> Gabriele :-)

Sometime soon. There will be a rc2 first though.


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