[Mattricks] Team list for the viewer

Ragnar Ouchterlony ragnar at lysator.liu.se
Fri Jan 23 13:45:30 CET 2004

On Fri, 23 Jan 2004, Zazell Kroeske wrote:

> On Fri, 2004-01-23 at 10:59, Oscar Gustafsson wrote:
> > Dear list,
> >
> > I have now checked in a rudimentary team list, where you can kjeep track
> > of your favourite teams and also add their next game to the viewer (or any
> > other team as well).
> >
> > Please try it out!
> >
> > /Oscar
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> > Mattricks at lists.lysator.liu.se
> > http://lists.lysator.liu.se/mailman/listinfo/mattricks
> Hi guys,
> I finally got the cvs version to work (my python was to old, and i
> managed to install the mandrake 9.2 version). must say that it has
> improved a  lot lately. the matchviewer kicks ass, and this new feature
> rocks. keep up the good work guys :) (same goes for all the other new
> features and improvements)

Nice that our work is appreciated.

> ow, and one more question, how do i update the dutch translation? the
> nl.po file is fully translated (thats what kbabel says), but i dont

I will probably update the translations early next week.

> think that i translated all the new stuff. is there a way to merge the
> new line with this file, or do i have to retranslate it all again?

You won't have to retranslate it all again, no. It will be merged
seamlessly. Gettext is a nifty tool.


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