[Mattricks] Team list for the viewer

Oscar Gustafsson oscar at lysator.liu.se
Fri Jan 23 12:30:21 CET 2004

On Fri, 23 Jan 2004, Kent Karlsson wrote:
> Is the list generally accessable? Could I use it in a new cmdline
> players function and perhaps it could be used in LeaguePage as well?
Yes, it is available from the database as "Mattricks.team_list", see rows
76-77 and 81 in TeamList.py.

Go ahead and use it in your player functions! I haven't really tested them
(mainly as my computer setup is a mess so I prefer to run without command
line arguments), but if it works as I imagine it would be useful to add
that information to the player information dialog.

I will most likely add functionality to see a league table for a team in
the list, and also to invoke it from the league table page.


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