[Mattricks] Infinite loop in Leaguepage.py

Kent Karlsson kent at popwire.com
Sat Jan 17 11:15:19 CET 2004

On 2004-01-17, at 09.28, Ragnar Ouchterlony wrote:

> Have you scored so little goals in your league? Btw, it could help if I
> get your league id and check it out (not that I expect to get any 
> errors
> here because of it, but to have a basic knowledge of the file.

The 8th column is the Points, I just dont know why It stopped working. 
I'm Nanite of league 12034, btw.

> It might not be that strange though, since it perhaps tries to write
> outside it's allocated space and thus crashes. Just a theory. I have no
> idea otherwise.

I tried to remove the bunch of spaces that the number is appended to, 
but it didn't help. Just tried it and your league doesn't work either, 
so I assume it has to do with some freaky thing in wxPython for MacOS 
X. Ill try to play some more with the code and see if I can figure out 
a way around it.

-- kent

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