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Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo fenio at o2.pl
Fri Jan 16 17:23:26 CET 2004

On Fri, Jan 16, 2004 at 04:14:40PM +0100, Ragnar Ouchterlony wrote:
> > > I currently only try to put together a working debian package. I don't
> > > (for now) want to be involved directly in the debian project. If anyone
> > > wants to add it into debian, go ahead!
> > Ok, so I'll try to package it someday ;)
> I have already packaged it (there is a 0.4 deb on the homepage), but just
> for our benefit. It *should* work to just do
> $ fakeroot debian/rules binary
> and you get a working debian package. I have not tested it for a while
> though.
Yes I've looked through it and it isn't ready for showing to any official 
Developer yet. It isn't lintian/linda clean and I'll have to work on it first.
But as a start point is good, and after cleaning it I'll try to ask for
sponsor to upload it to Debian. I can't upload it myself cause I'm not
Debian developer yet (last stage of process).
> > > My league has id 4605. :)
> > That was my league id. I've checked your now, but I have no idea, which
> > team is yours :/. Maybe some sparing for two weeks? ;)
> My team is the one that is on second place (Malmslätts Jordelementarer),
> teamid 40132.
Ok, now I've found it ;)
> > > No, you should not lose your data, it was more thinking of which way the
> > > user should be able to keep his data.
> > So Mattricks would always support either hrf or xml?
> > Or do you intend to remove support for hrf someday?
> We intend to have backward compability functions, but when everything now
> only available through hrf is available through xml, we will drop the
> possibility to download new hrf:s.
Ok. Sounds clear enough for me.
> > > > Hmm.. I thought that league id is in hrf file in some readable format,
> > > > but now I've checked it and it's not ;)
> > > > Ok, I won't ask for it once again, cause it's not trivial thing to do.
> > > It will probably be done through the team details xml, plus some other
> > > xml:s.
> > That's strange that Hattrick doesn't provide such basic information in
> > useful form. But I've checked xml downloaded by HattrickOrganizer and
> > they have league id in one of the file.
> It is available in team details. But we don't make use of that xml yet.

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