[Mattricks] Wishlist.

Ragnar Ouchterlony ragnar at lysator.liu.se
Fri Jan 16 16:14:40 CET 2004

On Fri, 16 Jan 2004, Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo wrote:

> On Fri, Jan 16, 2004 at 03:39:40PM +0100, Ragnar Ouchterlony wrote:
> > > I saw that there is debian/* directory in Mattricks sources. What about
> > > putting Mattricks in Debian distribution?
> > > Or at least on mentors.debian.net right now.
> > I currently only try to put together a working debian package. I don't
> > (for now) want to be involved directly in the debian project. If anyone
> > wants to add it into debian, go ahead!
> Ok, so I'll try to package it someday ;)

I have already packaged it (there is a 0.4 deb on the homepage), but just
for our benefit. It *should* work to just do

$ fakeroot debian/rules binary

and you get a working debian package. I have not tested it for a while

> > (For the curious, there are already
> > a program in debian which I was heavy involved in, see if you can find
> > which it is :)).
> RealTimeBattle? ;)


> > > No, I don't know such a database. I would like to have simple form in
> > > which I could write:
> > >
> > > 		League ID:       Name:
> > >          [  32492  ]      [ Ragnar's league ]
> > My league has id 4605. :)
> That was my league id. I've checked your now, but I have no idea, which
> team is yours :/. Maybe some sparing for two weeks? ;)

My team is the one that is on second place (Malmsl├Ątts Jordelementarer),
teamid 40132.

> > > So think about it continually ;)
> > > I don't want to lost my old data ;)
> > No, you should not lose your data, it was more thinking of which way the
> > user should be able to keep his data.
> So Mattricks would always support either hrf or xml?
> Or do you intend to remove support for hrf someday?

We intend to have backward compability functions, but when everything now
only available through hrf is available through xml, we will drop the
possibility to download new hrf:s.

> > > Hmm.. I thought that league id is in hrf file in some readable format,
> > > but now I've checked it and it's not ;)
> > > Ok, I won't ask for it once again, cause it's not trivial thing to do.
> > It will probably be done through the team details xml, plus some other
> > xml:s.
> That's strange that Hattrick doesn't provide such basic information in
> useful form. But I've checked xml downloaded by HattrickOrganizer and
> they have league id in one of the file.

It is available in team details. But we don't make use of that xml yet.


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